Over The Green Hills.......

I Felt The Wind
Shout Like A Drum...

20 years of Rock & Roll

Permalink ~Jack Casady, Jefferson Airplane, c.1967~
Permalink ~Duane Allman & Aretha Franklin, c.1969~In the control room while recording Aretha’s This Girl’s in Love with You
Permalink ~Alvin Lee, Ten Years After, c.1972~12/19/1944 - 3/6/2013Yesterday the world lost one of it’s most phenomenal guitarists. I remember the first time I saw the Woodstock film I was simply floored and mesmerized by the blazing speed of this man’s fingers. He will truly be missed. 
Permalink ~Bob Weir, Grateful Dead, 8/13/67~
Permalink ~Phil Lesh, Grateful Dead, Santa Venetia Armory, 12/29/66~
Permalink ~Phil Lesh, Grateful Dead, Central Park, 5/4/68~Phil Lesh masquerading as Duane Allman?
Permalink ~Jerry Garcia, Grateful Dead, Golden Gate Park, 5/1/67~Check out the Kustom Amp. Gotta love that Tuck N’ Roll.
Permalink ~John Lennon, The Beatles, Cavern Club, c.1962~
Permalink ~Waylon Jennings & Buddy Holly, Photo-Booth in Grand Central Station, New York, 1959~
Permalink ~Jack Casady, Jefferson Airplane, c.1969~This actually might be a Hot Tuna performance, I’m not entirely sure. 
Permalink ~Jack Casady, Jefferson Airplane, c.1969~ 
Permalink ~Jack Casady, Jefferson Airplane, Magic Mountain Music Festival, 6/10/67~
Permalink ~Duane Allman, The Allman Brothers Band, Schaefer Music Festival, New York, 1971~
Permalink ~George Harrison, The Beatles, Apple Corporation Headquarters, 1968~
Permalink ~Delaney Bramlett, Ben Benay, & Duane Allman,Schaefer Music Festival, 1970~